Hector Hassey creates ultraluxe, one-of-a-kind jewelry-art based on traditional lines. Jewels are spiked, studded, or over-scaled, encrusting diamonds and gold into gemstones in his designs. The result is a statement piece based on a new kind of beauty.


Born in Mexico City, raised in Greenwich, Connecticut, Hector Hassey fortunately traveled the world, becoming acclimated to luxury. He became fascinated with the glimmer of exquisite jewelry ingredients, and enamored with bejeweled prestige watches.


From Caribbean jewelers in exclusive tropical destinations, to the high-end stores of Manhattan, to the expert gold and jewelry stores of Florence, Italy; to a highly discerning private clientele in Mexico City, Hector gained exposure to the broad variety and styles in extraordinary diamonds, gemstones and pearls, across diverse cultures. Hassey’s career was inspired by the art of curation.


Three stages in Hassey’s career have created these unique designs. First, traveling to jewelry exhibitions in Vicenza, Italy, Basel, Switzerland and Hong Kong as well as providing maintenance as a buyer for Mexico’s elite families helped him understand and appreciate the expertise in high-end watches and timepieces. Then, he curated pieces for exhibitions that wowed audiences, selecting the finest and most original jewelry designs on behalf of these longstanding clients. Finally, as he created bespoke jewelry pieces, he calibrated and fine-tuned his understanding of their dreams and desires.


His first piece featured in the New York Times’ T fashion magazine compared his artful pearls to the great Dutch Masters, like Vermeer, in the way they sparkle, capture the light, and make an elegant statement of uniqueness. Inspired by nature’s forms, Hector Hassey puts a fresh artistic twist on luxury jewelry.


“The Artful Pearl Spiked, studded and over-scaled. Reinvented and revolutionized. I want to redefine luxury with new applications, new methods, new mixes, for a true freshness rarely seen today.”

– Hector Hassey



Photo by Roberta Marroquin Photography