The House of Hassey celebrated its 20th year in 2014. Over two decades, Hector was exposed to different layers of knowledge and skills. The first ten years of Hector’s career, he curated shows of other jewelry artists’ original pieces, creating show-stopping events for Mexico City’s elite. He learned to appreciate fine watch beauty and mechanics, and how to select the best from the world’s broad array of precious and semiprecious gemstones, diamonds, pearls, and fine metals. To expand his expertise, he obtained his Graduate Diamonds Degree at The Gemological Institute of America in New York City in 1997.


The past 10 years, Hector has been designing one-of-a-kind luxury jewelry pieces for a highly discerning private clientele in Mexico City. Every piece Hector Hassey designs is a fresh take on traditional looks. Inspired by nature, with collections such as Seabreeze and Octopus, by forms from the earth’s oceans, and Constellation, which is about expressing your zodiac sign in an individualistic way, Hector explores nature’s shapes as the backbone of his art’s originality.


The House of Hassey employs techniques so rare and unique that we won the Manufacturing Honors Award in the Category of Evening Wear for the 2014 AGTA Spectrum Awards, due to the technical expertise in the diamond pavé encrusting on colorful Tahitian jumbo pearls, from the Octopus collection.  Hector also won First Place in Pearl Jewelry with his “Octopus Ring” at the 2015 JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards.


Production here is always bespoke, a completely one-of-a-kind creation, the artistry popping from every fine detail. Years of exposure, of building knowledge and expertise, and of getting to know what his customer craves means that every collection from Hassey will continue to delight and intrigue.